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Dracom Services commit to work with their customers to provide advice on the best web design options, Domain Name, and Hosting options to suit their business needs and budget constraints.

All services are provided in accordance with our Terms & Conditions and your privacy is guarded through our Privacy Policy. Please review these two pages.

Please note, all prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

Website Development:

Our pricing is based on an initial setup fee, detailed below, plus additional fee for extra pages that may be required. Additional fees will apply for graphic animation, any photography required, and any text that needs to be developed.

Basic Web Design:

Setup, site development including 3 pages (Home, About Us, Contact)        $880.00

Mobile website (Automatically detects smart phone or tablet)                     $350.00

Additional Web Pages                                                                             $ 85.00

Enquiry or Contact Form                                                                         $ 65.00

Additional work charged at an hourly fee                                                  $ 55.00 per hour

The Basic Website will contain the following:

1. Template setup using corporate colours.

2. Navigation menu system

3. Client supplied company Logo

4. Web pages equivalent to A4 in length and contains up to 4 graphics

5. Email hyperlink

6. Company details

Domain name Registration & Delegation

This setup service is provided free with the website development process otherwise it attracts a labour fee. Prices are subject to change. Associated with this service is complete Domain management which includes the initial registration, name server setting and management plus a secure renewal service, associated with website development.

.com.au - for 2 years registration                                                         $17.48 per year

Website Hosting

These fees are in addition to the website development.

Economy Hosting: Your no-frills small business solution.

Everything you need for a simple website to get you started.

UNLIMITED data transfer

10GB web space

UNLIMITED email accounts                                                                  $15.95 per month

Web statistics

Business Hosting: All the space and speed your business website needs to reach your eager customers.

Ideal for dynamic, growing websites.

UNLIMITED data transfer 20GB web space

50MB database storage                                                                      $29.95 per month

Please Note!! Pricing for Domain Name registration and website hosting will fluctuate slightly from time to time.

Yearly Maintenance: Your web hosting needs to be renewed each year, and the domain name renewed

every two years. To take all the hassle out of these renewals and to keep your website up to date we offer

a yearly maintenance program. This not only ensures that your licences are always current but allows you

to change and update your website, with a maximum of 8 hours work per year.

                                                                                                       $350 per year